Protect your home from fire – safety guide

Did you know that Americans witness around 47,000 home fires annually? This is a pretty significant number considering how many properties are damaged in this process and how many lives has the fire claimed. In fact, home fires kill or injure nearly 3,500 people in the U.S. However; we can reduce this horrific statistic if we are little careful. So, here are some tips and tricks that will help you keep your family and your home protected.

Fire prevention in kitchen

When you are preparing the food, make sure you stay at your microwave, or stove while your meal is broiling of frying. The surface should be clean, and you can remove all the inflammable things, such as paper towels and pot holders. Don’t allow your kids and pets in the kitchen while you are cooking, even when they want to come, keep them at a safe distance. The biggest mistake people make is when they leave a meal on the stove and go outside. In this case, the majority of accidents occur.

Install an alarm

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The smoke alarm can save your life, and you should install it at each level of your home. Make sure to check the monthly and inspect whether they are working or not. Considering the batteries, you will have to replace them annually, and every ten years you will have to change your smoke alarms. Don’t forget to educate your family so they can recognize the sounds and functioning of a fire alarm.

Pay attention to heaters

The heaters are one of the biggest reasons why fires occur, especially electrical heaters. If you put them near curtains or sheets, they can quickly start a fire. One of the rules to avoid this situation is to clear the space, at least 3ft around the electrical heater.

How to restore your home from smoke damage

The destruction caused by smoke damage is the worst thing after a fire. Soot, water and smoke damage are the worst along with the chemicals from fire extinguishers. The more you leave it untreated, the worse it gets. The problem with smoke is not only because of what it does to everything it comes across but because of the odor it caries that penetrates everything in your home from carpets and furniture to the clothing and a large number of other home items.

This odor is so strong that a person can’t breathe after awhile, not to mention the intoxication due to the large concentration of carbon monoxide. Another problem with smoke damage is that you can’t start dealing with the smoke damage before you take care of soot and water damage as well. Restoring smoke destruction includes taking care of the harmful and unpleasant odor.

To do this, the initial source of the odor must be completely removed. The biggest work during smoke damage restoration is to remove that odor and that requires ozone smoke removal and furniture deodorizing. Once smoke enters the fabric of your furniture and clothes, it is almost impossible to remove it.

Still, if you hire a professional company to do smoke damage restoration, it is possible to get rid of it and restore your clothing items, carpet and furniture to the previous state. By using a procedure called thermal fogging, it is quite possible to effectively eradicate odors. There is also one more way how to get rid of the smoke odor and that would ozone treatment.

before after

You can buy the right equipment and do it yourself but it would be recommended that leave it to the professional cleaners simply because the results will be better. Both procedures cost approximately the same and both are very effective. The only difference between them is that you can use ozone smoke removal on the fabrics that are still drying. The best thing is that you have options and it is possible to restore your home from smoke damage.

Home improvement after a fire in your home

The damage due to fire and smoke can be more than devastating. Before you make any home improvement steps due to fire restoration of your home, take some of these variables into your consideration.

Factors such as soot, smoke, water and extinguisher chemicals can be really helpful when you are planning your next steps. Since you have gone through a substantial damage, you need to reevaluate your budget in order to make a good strategy how to restore your home to be as good as new again.

But be prepared because this is not going to be an easy task at all. The most recommended thing to do would be to hire a professional company to take care of this for you and if you are insured get them involved in it as well. Cleaning up smoke and fire damages varies in price very widely.

The cost of home improvement and fire restoration services depend on numerous factors such as smoke damage restoration, soot removal, extinguisher chemical repair, water clean up and the overall extent of the damage.

Leave the restoration to the professionals

burnedSometimes, the damage is so bad that it simply can’t be fixed or it can be fixed but the cost is so high that it would be better to buy a new home than to do it. If you are lucky and your home can be restored to an old glory, always keep in mind that this is a job that is best left to the professionals who are trained to do it. They can assess the situations and the damage done and tell you what would be the best course of actions for you.

Leaving this to the professionals is also important because, even if a fire is put down, there are still various hazards that can occur during fire restoration. Extreme caution is recommended when handling such situations because of the additional contamination. Now, after a fire, there are two factors that will determine whether it’s possible to restore your home back to how it was. Those are smoke and soot.

Soot is nothing more than incompletely burned organic matter and if it isn’t treated, it’ll be more difficult to restore your home. Depending on the smoke and soot damage, the fire restoration team will be able to make a decision what to do next.

Tips what to do after a fire in your home

In case that you discover a fire in your home, the first thing to do is try to put it down. Most of the time, a fire that breaks out at home is a small fire, usually caused by a malfunctioned domestic device like a blender or anything similar that is electric. Bad installations can also cause fires as they are the main cause of fires in general. In such situations, keep calm, don’t panic and think logically.

If you can assess the current situation, try to remember your fire safety training. If you have a fire extinguisher, now is the time to use it. If you think that a fire is too big for you to handle, care and tend to your loved ones and to yourself. How you and your family handle this experience and the stress that comes from it, is also extremely important. Making decisions in such hard times is not a good option but if you have to do it, try to be as objective as you can possibly be.

Provide help to those in need

homeAlways remember to promote emotional recovery for your loved ones. Any food that has been exposed to soot, smoke or heat needs to be immediately discarded to avoid any poisoning. If you have any pets, the best thing to do is to give them to your friends or put them in the dispensers that will keep them safe. Once you’re done with your loved ones and your pets, take care of any injuries that might have occurred during a fire. If you have first aid kit, use it to reduce any chance of further infection or injuries.

Stay in touch with your family and friends and inform them about everything that you do. This is extremely important especially if you are away and cut out from the place where you usually live. Look around to find anything that might be useful and helpful. If you can call any emergency service do it without thinking.

In case that there are seriously injured people, try to help them by using all means necessary from your first aid kit. In most cases, if a fire breaks out of control in your home, there is little you can do about it so the best thing would be to run outside with your family.

Why fire safety education is important

The reason why numbers of casualties of fires are down is that people are taking fires very seriously and it’s completely safe to say that fire safety education is of the utmost importance. It can save lives and teach people how to behave before, during and after a fire as well as how to help others. Recent research has proven that the number of fires is down by over a quarter.

Mostly, this is due to the fact that fire safety education has become widely spread all over the world. Numerous companies don’t employ people who don’t pass the fire protection exams. This has become an international issue and everyone is involved. Most of the time, it is possible to prevent a fire from escalating into something much worse that could take lives if acting accordingly to the fire safety procedures and instructions.

Local business owners and residents are all getting introduced to the basic fire regulations and training techniques, getting to know the instructions and procedures in the case of an emergency. If you want to reduce the risk of fires, fire safety education is vital. This education won’t only provide essential knowledge about how to prevent fires from happening but also what to do if you discover a fire or how to help those whose lives are endangered by a fire.

Fire safety can be a lifesaver

safetyThe more people educate themselves about the importance of fire safety, the fewer tragedies we will see on the news. It is exactly this engagement of the people that made a difference and such a huge progress in spreading such education all over the world. After all, no one wants to get their lives endangered by fire and knowing what to do and how to behave in such situations could be a lifesaver when you least expect it. It doesn’t bother you to know and it can’t hurt to be aware of it.

The problem with fire is that it’s absolutely unpredictable and it can start anywhere and anytime. Almost all buildings and closed premises have fire extinguishers but these are only good for small fires. In case that it bursts out in the open, the situation is getting a lot worse and that requires a professional team of firefighters that will do their best to tame the fire in order to put it down.

The importance of a fire extinguisher

You have probably seen so many times before that each building has this small red thing that has a strange handle and a hose. In case that you asked yourself just what it might be, it would be good to know that this thing is a crucial piece of fire protection equipment. It is a fire extinguisher and it might save your life from the fire so, get to know it and how to use it.

No matter where you are, a building, your condo, an office, a theater and so on, you can never know when a fire can occur. Most of the time in such situations, people start panicking and everybody is screaming and running not paying attention to what the fire does.

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can make a significant difference when the worst happens. Using an extinguisher is easy because it has three easy steps that you need to follow in order to activate it and use it. The maintenance is just as important. Before you can use one, you need to make sure that it will work in the event of a fire. To ensure complete functionality, they need to undergo regular annual maintenance.

Leave the maintenance to the professionals

The best thing to do is leave it to the trained and professional staff that will take care of this for you. The company that’s in charge of your alarm system is the same company that will maintain the fire extinguisher most of the time.

extinguisherThe maintenance consists of checking the firing mechanism, all moving parts as well as the external and internal inspection to make sure there is no corrosion and that the content inside is under pressure and functional. Both the cylinders and the cartridges must be regularly checked to ensure there is no loss of a content.

A fire extinguisher needs to be functional and certified so that you can use it freely without any concerns of getting harmed by it. Each extinguisher has a label affixed to it which gives you the date of the last check and the details containing its condition. There are six main types of fire extinguishers. Each one can be used for putting down a different type of fire. Not all materials can be put down by water.

In case that the fire is electrical, using water could endanger your life. The types differ by the type of content inside. There are water, foam, dry powder, dry special powder, carbon dioxide and wet chemicals based fire extinguishers. Each is used for different purposes and there are some rare occasions when two fire extinguishers can be used for the same thing.

Fire alarm systems

A proper fire alarm system can make a huge difference when it comes to a fire in an environment where it is installed. The most common comprehensive fire alarm system services include installation, additions, professional solutions and maintenance. You can count on installation engineers to help you and inform you about how it works, what are your options and everything that goes with it.

There are three main options when it comes to fire alarm systems and this article is fully dedicated to all of them. The best thing to do when you are considering getting a fire alarm system is getting all the additional fire fighting equipment that goes with it. You can never know when it will come in handy but it’s better to have it than to be without it. Also, following the latest fire safety regulations is almost half of the job done and if you want to keep your staff protected at all times, it is most recommended to do so.

Your existing fire alarm system needs to be regularly maintained by the professional staff that was trained to provide such services. A full range of servicing options for fire alarm systems include regular checks on a weekly basis, just to make sure that everything is in order. These regular checks include the maintenance of your premises as well. The companies who are selling these alarms will do everything in their power to keep you protected at all times.

The types of fire alarm systems

One of the most common types of fire alarms is a conventional fire alarm system. It can detect potential fire zones by identifying a particular building area. This makes locating a fire much easier. Conventional systems consist of heat and smoke detectors and other similar devices. A bit different but also very common is the addressable fire alarm system.

alarmIt is more advanced and it includes IT in order to make the operating a lot easier. With a larger scope of programming flexibility, it is much easier to control it while it covers a much larger area more effectively. It is even possible to pair it with another fire alarm system and control both systems using just one control panel. Since this system gives more options, it is more suitable for larger and more complex buildings.

Last in line but not least important is a wireless or radio fire alarm system. Although very similar to the addressable fire systems, this type doesn’t require any cables or installations. using radio signals, the devices communicate with each other and each device has a specific location and an individual address. These systems are very simple to install and require minimal labor.

Once you make up your mind on which system would be the most suitable for your needs, the only thing left now is the maintenance of the fire alarm system. The maintenance services are equally important as the system and the maintenance makes sure that the system is functional.

The course about how to behave after a fire

A fire can occur anywhere, anytime. People need to be aware of such danger and what to do if they discover a fire in the place they work or live. The fact is, you can never know when a fire might break out and it is absolutely unpredictable. Anything can cause it but not everything can put it down. Depending on the cause, you need to know what to use to extinguish it.

That is why a fire safety education is absolutely paramount because when the time comes it could save your life and the lives of the others. With all this in mind, this course here is divided into lessons that will show the attendees what steps to take in case there is a fire near them as well as what to do after the fire. The actions people take before, during and after the fire are very important for the overall result. A person must be ready to react at all times. Through these lessons, a couple of things will be emphasized.

A person must always stay calm and think logically. Knowing the environment where the fire occurred is crucial to the following actions. Fire alarm systems are also very important and knowing how to operate them is paramount. Firefighting equipment can be helpful against small fires. There are numerous procedures that the attendees will be introduced to and they will get the chance to work with firefighting equipment just to see how it works in real life. This course is extremely important for everyone who values their lives.

At home or at work, it doesn’t matter, just one person who knows the procedures can make a huge difference and save the lives of many. In many companies, such courses are mandatory and people can get fired if they don’t pass these courses. In the end, it can be fun to learn something new that could make a difference when the time comes. So, if you discover a fire, remember the steps you learned and just follow the general guidelines.

Fire safety conference

Fire safety is an extremely important thing that can save lives when it comes to the worst. This conference is a great opportunity to hear about the best fire safety techniques from the mouths of professionals, experts and specialists who dedicated their lives to fire safety and engineering. Fires can be devastating for communities all around the world. People need to be aware of such danger that can occur at any moment, anywhere. There are numerous procedures that could be lifesavers if properly learned and applied.

These experts in the field of fire safety engineering will share their advice with the audience in order to raise awareness. The motto of the conference is: It’s better to prevent the fire than take care of its consequences. Fire safety is exactly about that, preventing the fire before it occurs and if it occurs, how to put it down in the shortest amount of time possible. This conference is globally known as one of the leading premier events when it comes to the advancements in fire safety techniques and methods. It’s usually accompanied by a seminar that is dealing with fire safety and restoration.

The speakers are mostly from Europe but there are many persons coming from all over the world. Fire safety engineering is rapidly growing in Europe and these professionals are here to address the regional needs, speak about how to create a network that would be able to cover the areas that might be endangered by any fire events. Other than main themes that will be discussed and elaborated, there are some other issues that will be mentioned.

These issues are innovation and research advancements in the department of fire restoration and home improvements, redevelopment after the fire, healthcare, industrial hazards, collaboration and networking among fire safety engineering professionals and specialists and many other topics. The main purpose of such conference is to address the main issue and that would be the hazards that can come from fires and the actions we take to fight those fires and how to remedy the aftermath after the disasters.

Conference of the Rockies

2016 Fire and Life Safety Educators of Colorado Conference in the Rockies

Save the date for the 23rd Annual Conference in the Rockies to be held April 26 through April 28, 2016 at the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs. This three-day conference will feature speakers from across the continent on a range of topics designed to empower life safety professionals and similarly-minded emergency responders and private industry leaders to become better risk reduction resources in our field.

They will speak about numerous things revolving around fire safety, fire restoration and home improvement actions after the fire. With the full awareness about what a fire can do to a home of every person, they will share their recommendations about what people can do to restore their homes after being destroyed by a fire. These educations will introduce the audience to their experience with fire as well as education them on numerous things they can do on such occasions.

People need to know how to protect themselves before and after the fire as well as what their options after the worst have passed. Home improvement services can be of a great assistance in such situations so shedding some light on various home improvement services after the fire can be very useful and helpful to those who were endangered by fire. These experts will show how to prevent injuries and mitigate risks.

Registration rate includes 3 fun-filled, jam-packed, days of educational sessions and networking as well as breakfast and lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Dinner is on your own. If you choose to take a shuttle to and from the airport there will be other attendees who will offer you a ride to dinner. The hotel restaurant offers a dinner option if you choose to stay at the resort.

2016 FLSEC Conference Brochure

Pre-Conference CarFit Technician Training
Would you like to work with older adults to help them maintain their driving independence? We will be hosting a pre-conference session on Monday, April 25 from 2 – 6 p.m. to certify up to 25 people as CarFit Technicians. You can register at FREE Training!

To learn more about CarFit: Car-Fit Tech Training – April 2016.


$375 early-bird registration until March 1, 2016

$450 registration after March 1, 2016

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Thanks to the generosity of CDOT and CPS Team Colorado, the Fire and Life Safety Educators of Colorado Conference of the Rockies will be hosting a CPS track again at this year’s conference. Current technicians can apply for a registration scholarship which includes 2 days of conference including breakfast, lunch, and snacks both days. Lodging is on your own. You can obtain your 6 CEUs and get seats checked off by an instructor. See program listed above for more information.

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