How to restore your home from smoke damage

The destruction caused by smoke damage is the worst thing after a fire. Soot, water and smoke damage are the worst along with the chemicals from fire extinguishers. The more you leave it untreated, the worse it gets. The problem with smoke is not only because of what it does to everything it comes across but because of the odor it caries that penetrates everything in your home from carpets and furniture to the clothing and a large number of other home items.

This odor is so strong that a person can’t breathe after awhile, not to mention the intoxication due to the large concentration of carbon monoxide. Another problem with smoke damage is that you can’t start dealing with the smoke damage before you take care of soot and water damage as well. Restoring smoke destruction includes taking care of the harmful and unpleasant odor.

To do this, the initial source of the odor must be completely removed. The biggest work during smoke damage restoration is to remove that odor and that requires ozone smoke removal and furniture deodorizing. Once smoke enters the fabric of your furniture and clothes, it is almost impossible to remove it.

Still, if you hire a professional company to do smoke damage restoration, it is possible to get rid of it and restore your clothing items, carpet and furniture to the previous state. By using a procedure called thermal fogging, it is quite possible to effectively eradicate odors. There is also one more way how to get rid of the smoke odor and that would ozone treatment.

before after

You can buy the right equipment and do it yourself but it would be recommended that leave it to the professional cleaners simply because the results will be better. Both procedures cost approximately the same and both are very effective. The only difference between them is that you can use ozone smoke removal on the fabrics that are still drying. The best thing is that you have options and it is possible to restore your home from smoke damage.